Who is behind Andalucía Vibes?

We are Abraham and Blanca, and we are busy (very busy 😅) with this project. We are traveling through Andalusia from North to South and from West to East, from end to end! Our goal is to visit the 785 towns that Andalusia has and while we do so we will share everything on this blog and on our social networks.

Hello! here Blanca, I have a degree in Tourism from the University of Huelva & Bachelor’s degree in tourism from the Leopold-Franzens Universiärt of Innbruck, I speak 🇪🇸🇩🇪🇬🇧 and I love to travel. I write the essentials that you cannot miss from the towns we are visiting, I have also specialized in Hotels and accommodations (I work on this) writing comparisons and reviews.

This is the other leg of AndaluciaVibes! I am Abraham, a computer engineer and founder of this travel blog about the south of Spain. While we are visiting all the towns in Andalusia, I share travel guides, comparisons, routes and much more useful information (based on our own experience) to make your getaways through Andalusia more productive and you do not leave anything important to enjoy.

Together we strive to provide quality information, useful advice and most importantly, the passion and enthusiasm we feel for each new town we discover. Join us on this exciting journey as we discover the essence of Andalusia, from its sunny squares, its natural landscapes, its streets, its beaches, its gastronomy, its people and its hidden treasures!

Discover Andalusia with us. The adventure has already begun 👟🎒, follow us!

Our counter of towns visited by provinces

📌 Towns of Huelva
48 de 0

📌 Towns of Seville
19 de 0

📌 Towns of Cádiz
18 de 0

📌 Towns of Córdoba
20 de 0

📌 Towns of Malaga
31 de 0

📌 Towns of Jaén
15 de 0

📌 Towns of Almería
15 de 0

📌 Towns of Granada
34 de 0

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