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Welcome to our Andalusian corner of adventures and discoveries! We are Abraham and Blanca, two travel enthusiasts and kindred spirits. Together, we have embarked on an ambitious project:  to explore the 785 towns that make up the autonomous community of Andalucía. 

Andalusia is a land rich in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. From the white mountains of Sierra Nevada to the golden beaches of the Costa de la Luz, passing through the incredible white villages, this region offers a diversity of experiences that knows no bounds.

Our mission is to indulge in what we love (traveling and discovering) and to share with all of you every corner, every story, and every secret that Andalusia has to offer. In this blog, you will find detailed guides, personalized itineraries, our personal take on each destination, expert tips, and much more. We want you to immerse yourself in authentic Andalusia, exploring not only the well-known tourist destinations but also the hidden places known only to the locals in each area.

Together, we strive to provide quality information, useful advice, and, most importantly, the passion and enthusiasm we feel for every Andalusian town we explore. Join us on this exciting journey as we uncover the essence of Andalusia, from its sunny squares to its most secluded alleyways, or its stunning beaches and natural landscapes – discover its hidden treasures with us.

Discover Andalucía with us. The adventure begins here!”

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