What to see and do in Punta Umbría? 10 essential places

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We continue our route along the coast of Huelva, this time we find ourselves in Punta Umbría, which is one of the main holiday destinations in the province of Huelva, especially during the summer season.

In fact, it is one of nearly 50 municipalities in Andalusia that have the official designation of “Tourist Municipality of Andalusia

Punta Umbría is located in a privileged enclave. On one side, its coast boasts famous beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other side, it is surrounded by the Huelva estuary and the Marismas del Odiel, a spectacle in terms of landscape, native fauna, and flora.

We cannot forget about Punta Umbría’s gastronomy, which primarily focuses on fresh seafood. The offerings are varied, ranging from beach bars where you can taste seasonal fish and seafood, traditional taverns, and restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets.

They stand out for their fried fish, such as anchovies, coquinas, seafood stews, marinated fish, fried cuttlefish, and seafood like white shrimp. The fish market at the fishermen’s pier, Calle Ancha, and the area around the boatyards are places where the range of bars to enjoy this culinary offer is wider.

But before starting our tour of Punta Umbría, we stopped by the beautiful Punta Umbría Tourist Office to ask and gather information. Local insights are always valuable, and especially in this case, from professionals

If you are in Punta Umbría, you have to take the Colombina Route, which will take you through the places Columbus visited while preparing for the great expedition to America:

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We are going to divide the list into two parts: the first part will include places you must visit in Punta Umbría, and the second part will cover activities, leisure, or special days celebrated in Punta Umbría. Let’s get started:

10 places to see in Punta Umbría

#1 Natural Reserve and Enebrales Beach

Declared a natural reserve in 1989, it also holds the designation of SCI (Site of Community Importance) since 1992, which means Site of Community Interest.

Its extension exceeds 160 hectares, and the most remarkable feature is the giant forest of junipers and Mediterranean pines, alongside an impressive beach of the same name.

Furthermore, it is excellently connected by the Punta Umbría – Huelva cycle lane, which is about 18 km long. This lane is suitable for both bicycles and runners or simply for leisurely walks. The surface is made of polished concrete and is very well-maintained.

If you go by car, there is a small parking area right where the wooden walkway begins, connecting the road with the forest and ending at Enebrales Beach.

#2 House of the English (Casa de los ingleses)

The first houses built in Punta Umbría were constructed in 1873 by the Rio Tinto Company Limited for the relaxation of its executives.

They were also called “health houses” as they were intended for the rest of the workers after prolonged exposure to the sulphate gases produced by the Rio Tinto mine.

They were white wooden houses raised on stilts to prevent erosion caused by the sand.

They were built between the beach and the pine forests, and were connected to each other by wooden paths.

Currently, the House of the English is a museum and interpretation center where the English presence in the province of Huelva and the role of Punta Umbría in that historical episode are addressed.

Opening hours: According to what we were told, the schedule is Monday to Friday from 10:20 AM to 2:00 PM.

ℹ We went around 11:00 AM and everything was fine. However, the schedule may vary depending on the time of year, so we recommend that you contact the Municipal Tourist Office (959 49 51 60) to confirm opening hours.

#3 Town Hall of Punta Umbría

The Town Hall of Punta Umbría is located at the entrance of the city, on Avenida Andalucía. It is a modern building with two floors raised on stilts, notable for its triangular glass dome that provides light to the interior.

It is surrounded by landscaped areas and ornamental fountains.

Punta Umbría was segregated from the municipality of Cartaya in 1960. The current Town Hall manages the resources of this Andalusian city, as well as the hamlet of El Portil, located 9 km away.

#4 Ancha Street

It is probably the busiest and liveliest street in Punta Umbría, especially in the evening and at night.

This street is home to countless dining venues, as well as terraces, ice cream parlors, cafes, breweries, restaurants, pubs, and also shops and stores for shopping.

#5 Punta Umbría Fish Market

Punta Umbría has a fishing auction house covering over 4800 square meters, making it one of the most important in Andalusia. High-quality products such as anchovies, sardines, clams, and cuttlefish are auctioned here, among others.

It can be visited free of charge, and if you’re lucky (depending on the day you visit), you may be able to witness from above, through some glass windows, how the merchandise arrives directly from the boats to the auction house and the subsequent bidding by buyers.

On the day we visited, we only saw clams.

#6 Canoes Dock

Next to the Punta Umbría marina and alongside the fishing port is the Canoes Dock, from where the famous Punta Umbría canoe departs.

In the past, the canoe was the means of passenger transport used for decades by visitors and residents of Punta Umbría to go to Huelva.

Today, there is a recreational route that crosses the natural reserve Marismas del Odiel before reaching the capital, Huelva.

#7 Canaleta Beach

Canaleta Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Punta Umbría, with a large open space before the beach for parking.

It borders the canal and the breakwater of Punta Umbría, and one of the most famous beach clubs on the Costa de la Luz, the Mosquito Club, is located there.

Spending the day at the beach, attending concerts, enjoying the spectacular sunset, or practicing water sports – right on the beach is the Kite&Wind Kitesurf Club.

#8 Torre almenara Umbría (Watchtower)

It is a tower that served as a defense against pirates. It was part of the defensive system of towers known as watchtowers in the 16th and 17th centuries, whose function was to monitor and defend the coastal territory.

It measures approximately 15 meters in height. Built with masonry, bricks, and inserted ashlars, its walls are almost 5 meters thick. Its state of preservation is good.

#9 Odiel Marshes Natural Reserve

The Odiel Marshes occupy the area of several municipalities; besides Punta Umbría, it includes the towns of Gibraleón, Aljaraque, and the capital city of Huelva. It is a natural environment where the mouths of the Tinto and Odiel rivers merge.

This area was declared a biosphere reserve in 1983 and designated as a natural park of national interest, with two nature reserves embedded within it.

It’s a special place to observe birds and spectacular fauna and flora.

#10 Astur Salt Flats

The Astur Salt Flats are located in the Odiel Marshes natural reserve in Punta Umbría.

Initially, the salt flats were used as spaces to dry and sanitize the marshes in 1905.

Later, their use was transformed into salt production. In 2001, agriculture began in three of the old salt pans or basins, with the aim of producing sea bream, sea bass, and sole. Here, you can practice safe fishing activities (sport fishing with rods). If you don’t catch fish here, you won’t catch anything in your life 😂.

5 activities and special dates to enjoy leisure in Punta Umbría

#1 National Fair of Shrimp, Clam, and Anchovy

The Fair of Shrimp, Clam, and Anchovy has been celebrated for over 25 years in Punta Umbría, promoting the tasting of these three delicacies from our fishing industry and our gastronomy.

#2 Our Lady of Carmen Festivities

Popular religious festival deeply rooted as she is the patron saint of sailors. It is celebrated on July 16th with a procession of the Virgin along the beach, and on August 15th by boat along the estuary, accompanied by a large fleet of recreational and fishing boats.

#3 Canoe Tour in Punta Umbría

In October 2015, the Canoe Tour was declared of Touristic Interest in Andalusia by the Tourism Department of the Regional Government of Andalusia.

One of Punta Umbría’s hallmarks has been recovered, in addition to being one of the most beautiful attractions on our coast, as the journey becomes a true pleasure, a walk in direct contact with nature, set against an incomparable natural backdrop such as the Ría de Punta Umbría, the marshes, or the Huelva Estuary.

#4 Boat Ride through the Odiel Marshes at Sunset

Boat ride through the Odiel Marshes at sunset. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes that Huelva offers. Additionally, you will have a glass of wine accompanied by white shrimp.

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#5 Routes and Trails in Punta Umbría

In Punta Umbría, there are many hiking trail options. Here are the 5 most important trails:

  1. Punta Umbría – Huelva Cycle Lane (18km)
  2. La Peguera – Astur Salt Flats (5km)
  3. El Portil Lagoon (Circular, 3.6 km)
  4. Pinos del Mar – Odiel Marshes viewpoint (5km)
  5. Punta Umbría – El Portil (6km)

Tours available in Punta Umbría

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